My FOTP Thirty Pledge

The Total Pledge Amount should be the TOTAL amount you'll give to My FOTP 30 over the next three years, including any one-time gift you give. For example, if you intend to give $100/month for three years and you're making a $500 one-time gift, you'd enter $4,100 ($100 x 36 = $3,600 + $500 = $4100).

Note: This commitment is a statement of intent and may be changed as your circumstances change.

Thank you for your interest in participating in My FOTP Thirty! Please complete the form above to complete your pledge/commitment.

The information you enter is only a statement of intent and may change as your circumstances change.  Your pledge/commitment helps us in planning, scheduling, and implementing our initiatives.  Your pledge/commitment DOES NOT create any scheduled recurring donations, nor does it stop any existing scheduled recurring donations. Please visit our Giving page ( to stop any scheduled recurring donations and set up a new one.

Beginning 9/1/2023, all scheduled recurring donations to My FOTP Next Step will automatically be redirected to My FOTP Thirty. So, if you wish to continue making the same donation to My FOTP Thirty as you've been making to My FOTP Next Step, you don't need to make any changes to your scheduled donations.

However, we do ask you to submit your pledge/commitment information above to help us adequately plan and execute our projects.

If you need assistance, please contact us at or by phone at 817-741-3687.